Building Communities Grant Program

Building Communities Grant Program

Who We Are
Sunrise Credit Union is part of the cooperative movement that works for the betterment of its members and communities. Members are owners, and, as such, we reinvest profits into the communities where they live, work and recreate.

Sunrise Credit Union's commitment to our Corporate Social Values (CSV) is how we are Building a Brighter Future Together. We are a social and environmentally conscientious company that gives back to our communities.

The Sunrise Way focuses on the needs of our members, staff and communities. It's about growing our social and environmental performance and our fiscal responsibility. Sunrise continually reviews our CSV processes to align our activities with member and employee satisfaction to make a real difference.

How to Apply
Each applicant must complete and provide all required information on the form to Sunrise Credit Union. Only complete applications will be accepted.

The application deadline is November 30, and all grants will be announced and awarded by December 15.

Application forms are available in-branch or you can download here and email it to

Disclaimer: Sunrise Credit Union is not responsible for electronic applications that have yet to be received.

Sunrise Credit Union considers all applications based on their merit related to the grant criteria. To maximize the impact and effectiveness of our resources, Sunrise Credit Union encourages organizations to submit innovative, well-planned and managed projects. Projects must be located in or be of direct benefit to the residents of a Sunrise Credit Union community or surrounding area.

Each grant application will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • Build on the strengths of the community to respond to identified
    issues and priorities;
  • Be timely;
  • Must have other funding committed to the project. (i.e., Sunrise
    Credit Union cannot be the only financial source of funding);
  • Be realistic and within the capacity of the organization to carry out;
  • Not duplicate existing services or, if so, demonstrate that the
    overlap is warranted;
  • Demonstrate inclusiveness and respect for cultural diversity;
  • Demonstrate a reasonable probability of ongoing support from
    other funding sources in the future or indicate the project is for a limited time;
  • Must be able to provide a contractor or supplier quote if requested.

Sunrise Credit Union will not fund:

  • Operational expenses.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Retroactive funding or any project expenses incurred before
    Sunrise Credit Union’s decision date.
  • Debt retirement.
  • Replacement of public sector funds.
  • Conference operational expenses, registration fees, and memberships.
  • Direct religious activities.
  • Political organizations.