Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Sunrise Credit Union are elected by the members in a democratic one-member, one-vote system for a three-year term, up to a maximum of four consecutive terms.  In addition to attending regular board meetings, each Director serves on a committee that assists the Board in its governance.

Glenn YoungGlenn Young, Chair
Agnes KokkeAgnes Kokke, Vice Chair

D. Craig SpencerD.Craig Spencer, Director Fred GreigFred Greig, Director
Daryll LogeotDaryll Logeot, Director Jan McClellandJan McClelland, Director
Karen CombsKaren Combs, Director Robet SopuckRobert Sopuck, Director
Lon CullenLon Cullen, Director Bjarni WaltersonBjarni Walterson, Director
Scott ThompsonScott Thompson, Director Doug Van DammeDoug Van Damme, Director