April 5th

Sunrise Credit Union is proud to be a sponsor of the Community Leader Awards!

Community Leader Awards
Sunrise Credit Union is proud to be a sponsor of the 2017 Brandon Sun Community Leader Awards.  The Brandon Sun and Sunrise Credit Union wish to recognize our unsung heroes and honour their commitment and efforts in maintaining this growing community and helping to make Westman a better place. Currently nominations are being sought for the First Annual Community Leader Awards and we need your help to make this mission a success!

If you know someone you feel should be honoured in one of the 12 categories below, consider nominating them using the link below.

The submission you provide should be approximately 250 words in length and include information such as: length of time nominee has spent in the community; specific examples of the work and/or contribution he/she has made; community associations and memberships. Please provide references of other individuals who may be able to provide further support on the nominee’s behalf.

Deadline for nominations is: April 30th, 2017

There are a large number of people who do a great deal of important work for western Manitoba, and the communities within which they live and work. They strive to create a better community by putting in countless volunteer hours, sometimes having to overcome insurmountable obstacles — and often ask for nothing in return.

These individuals are truly community leaders and can be found in schools, on a sports field, in care centers, at the food bank and many of the local events that take place in and around our community.

You can help us celebrate these people by clicking  here to nominate your exceptional community leader today!


Coach (sponsored by J&G Group)
This is an individual that makes a positive contribution to their sport and is exemplary in developing skills and confidence of the participants. They are a role model who inspires and encourages a high level of athletic achievement?

Teacher (sponsored by ACC)
This teacher (K-9) makes a positive contribution by being a true leader. They demonstrate a high level of ethics and professional standards. Is an inspirational motivator, excellent communicator, good listener and a reliable resource to the community?

Courage / Bravery (sponsored by Tim Horton’s in Memory of Craig Pardy)
This person has risen above adversity or formidable challenges to succeed and inspire others. Challenges may be physical, mental, personal, educationally or occupationally.

Above and Beyond (sponsored by Guild Insurance Brokers)
This person makes a positive contribution to their community through their work and is someone who goes beyond the requirements of their job to support the community and make it a better place.

Emergency Service (sponsored by NetSet Communications)
This individual makes a positive contribution to the community by going the extra mile – over and above the call of duty. Is exemplary in the area of emergency services and unselfishly shoulders enormous responsibility while accepting the potential risks and challenges of the job.

Service Organization Volunteer (sponsored by Westoba Credit Union)
This individual makes a positive contribution to the community by volunteering their time to one 9or more) community service organization. This person is well thought of and is significantly relied upon by others in the organization.

Volunteer (sponsored by Sunrise Credit Union Volunteer)
This individual makes a positive contribution to the community by volunteering their time to a variety of causes. They are dedicated to making a difference in several different initiatives.

Youth Volunteer (sponsored by MNP)
This young person (ages 25 and under) makes a positive contribution to the community through their volunteer efforts.

Environmental Leader (sponsored by Brandon University)
This person makes a positive contribution to the community by championing environmentally-friendly initiatives. This is someone who inspires others to be ‘green’ by being a leader in ecologically sound practices.

Community Builder (sponsored by Vanguard Credit Union)
This is a person who has taken the initiative to engage a variety of Westman residents in an innovative new community project or event. The initiative may assist different groups to work together, address a gap in community participation, or result in a more inclusive, engaged community initiative.

Seniors' Advocate (sponsored by Cando)
A person providing support to seniors who are isolated, physically or mentally challenged, lonely, low income, or who are facing other obstacles that keep them from feeling included in the community.

Community Leader of the Year (Chosen by the Selection Committee from the above categories)
Rises above the rest by demonstrating leadership in all he or she does. Makes a positive contribution to the community and is a role model to look up to.






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