Sunrise Credit Union wants to make sure your money stays safe. By managing your personal information wisely, cautiously and with awareness, you can help guard against identity theft and fraud. Here are some handy hints and videos to help you in the fight against fraud.

1) Never send your personal, credit card or online account details through an email, or give them out over the phone.

2) Don’t overshare on social media. Consider what a post reveals and make sure you aren’t accidentally broadcasting sensitive information.

3) Beware of unusual or irregular email requests. Never click on links or open attachments in unsolicited emails.

4) Scammers want you to make a decision in a hurry. If something doesn’t seem right, pause and investigate. Give your brain a chance to catch up.

5) Be extra cautious about calls, emails or mail offering instant prizes or awards. They may be an attempt to obtain your personal details.

The fight against fraud starts with you. Learn to recognize, reject and report it. If you suspect you’ve been scammed or defrauded, we encourage you to contact your Sunrise Credit Union branch or financial institution immediately.

The RCMP has also produced this step-by-step guide of what to do if you suspect you’ve been scammed or defrauded.

You can also check out the Competition Bureau Canada Little Black Book of Scams or visit the website site for more tips on Preventing Fraud.