Travel & Leisure MLGIC Offering

Travel & Leisure MLGIC

In conjunction with the Desjardins Group, Sunrise Credit Union has introduced a Travel and Leisure Market-Linked GIC.

As we look past the pandemic, the Travel and Leisure Market-Linked GIC is perfect for investors who believe the travel market is currently low but expected to rebound over the next three years.

The offering is diversified across broad travel sectors and includes 20 major companies globally, including many prominent hotels, restaurants, travel and entertainment companies.

This GIC offers the potential upside of the stock market with a 100% principal guarantee at maturity.

You can learn more about this Sunrise Credit Union GIC offering at the link below or by contacting your local branch.


  • No management fees or commissions.
  • $1,000 minimum investment.
  • Three-year term.
  • Offers exposure to the hotel, restaurant, travel and entertainment stocks on the market.
  • The security of guaranteed principal protection with of high growth potential.
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