Boissevain Branch

Boissevain, Manitoba, is a town with 2,275 people living in and close by.  Located near the North Dakota border and the International Peace Gardens, it is a short drive south on Highway 10.

Situated near Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Boissevain is home to “Tommy the Turtle,” a 28-foot painted western turtle and is a recreational centre for approximately 15,000 people living in the surrounding countryside.

The town was named after Adolphe Boissevain, who was a financial backer of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s.

Sunrise Credit Union is proud to have served the Boissevain area since 1941, first as Wassewa Credit Union, then later as the Boissevain Credit Union.  In 1989, the Boissevain Credit Union opened a branch in Minto and in 2001 amalgamated with the Turtle Mountain Credit Union.  In 2018, the Minto branch closed when the viability of business operations there necessitated it.

Today, our Boissevain branch has over 3,106 members and 14 employees and continues as a group of people helping people.


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