Cypress River

Cypress River Branch

Cypress River is in the Rural Municipality of Victoria in south-central Manitoba, about 100 kilometres southeast of Brandon. It lies between Tiger Hills to the south and the sandy hills of Spruce Woods Provincial Park to the north.

Cypress River is self-described as the “Best ‘Little Town’ on the Prairie,” which is a play on the name of Robert and Nathaniel Little, the town’s founders. Cypress River was initially known as “Littleton.”

Cypress River offers plenty of camping and cross-country skiing opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. The Great Trail passes through Cypress River and is navigable by foot, bicycle, or horse. The town is also home to an arena and agricultural fairgrounds, which hosts horse shows, indoor exhibitions, and entertainment.

Canadian journalist and novelist Scott Young, father of musician Neil Young, was born in Cypress River in 1918. On Neil Young’s 2005 album Prairie Wind, he makes reference to Cypress River in the title track. The Prairie Wind Music Fest is now held annually in Cypress River.

The charter for the Cypress River Credit Union came into effect on May 5, 1960. It joined Sunrise Credit Union on October 1, 2008, through the strategic merger of five credit unions.

Members (as of the end of 2022): 1,097

Staff (as of the end of 2022): 6

Branch Manager: Troy McGill