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Laurier is a community in the Parkland Region of Manitoba, located on Highway 480, approximately three kiloemtres West of Highway #5, between the Village of McCreary to the south and the Town of Ste. Rose du Lac to the North.

Laurier was identified as a railway point on a map in 1896 with the Canadian National Railway arriving the following year. The post office was opened as Fosbery, and charged to Laurier in 1897 to honour Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Prime Minister of Canada at that time.

Laurier is home to four Manitoba historical sites:

  • Fosbery / Laurier School
  • Laurier Notre Dame des Victoires Roman Catholic Cemetery
  • Laurier Poineers Monument (located in Laurier Centennial Park)
  • Union Grain Elevator / Federal Grain Elevator / Manitoba Pool Graint Elevator

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