Treherne Branch

Treherne, Manitoba, is a town of over 700 located midway between Brandon and Winnipeg on Highway #2.

An agricultural community, Treherne is home to an aquatic centre, Delahunt Golf & Country Club, two schools, a hospital, and is a short drive north of the Tiger Hills.

Treherne has been around since at least 1881, though the railway did not arrive in the community until 1886.

In January 1943 a motion was carried to organize a credit union to be called Treherne District Credit Union Society Limited to prevent the problems encountered during the thirties, when it had been difficult to obtain even a small loan.

Despite a prime requirement in the granting of credit was based on character and not collateral for its first 10 years in business, the credit union struggled to grow in its first 20 years.  After new office space was acquired and a new “chequing” service was offered, membership and deposit growth increased substantially around 1965.  And in 1974 a branch office opened in Holland and the name changed to Tiger Hills Credit Union until the October 1st, 2008 merger with four other Credit Unions to form what is now Sunrise Credit Union.

Today, our Treherne Branch has over 1,200 members and 9 staff that continues helping people manage their financial affairs, creating a growing and prosperous community.


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