Sunrise Credit Union believes strongly in community support and understands that making a valuable contribution to the community adds up to more than just dollars and cents.  Investing in the community is a responsibility and a privilege.

Our sponsorship program allows us to partner on projects which add lasting value for our communities.

We will consider financial support requests that support the quality of life in Southwestern Manitoba.

Sponsorship Guidelines:

Requests for donations or sponsorships are reviewed under the following guidelines:

  • Is the event going to attract new business to the community?
  • Will the event be held, or will the money be spent, in the region or local community? Is the project designed to reach a maximum number of people?
  • Does it provide economic value, improve quality of life, or contribute to the social well-being of the region?
  • Does the club or organization conduct or intend to conduct business with the credit union?
  • Are the current staff members actively involved in this club or organization?

Requests for sponsorships should be made at least one month before the organization needs assistance.


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