All-in-One Chequing

Commercial & Agricultural Businesses

Best suited for Members who carry a considerable balance in their chequing account throughout the month and would like to make interest with little or no chequing fees associated.

Regular fees apply for transactions not listed below:

  • Deposits in branch
  • External automatic deposits
  • Deposit by ATM Deposit on Sunrise Lite App using Deposit Anywhere
  • Deposit via e-Transfer
  • Withdrawal at Canadian CU ATM - ding free
  • Transfer out by ATM
  • Transfer using Telephone Banking
  • Transfer using MemberDirect, Sunrise Lite App or Mobile Web
  • e-Statement
  • New Membercard or automatic renewal

With a minimum balance of $100,000 no service charges apply to:

  • Cheque clearing charges
  • In-branch cash withdrawals, transfers between accounts and allotments
  • Phone request to transfer funds
  • External automatic withdrawal
  • (POS) Point of Sale
  • Auto transfer to cover overdraft
  • Bill payment in-branch
  • Bill payment MemberDirect, Sunrise Lite App, Mobile Web or Telephone Banking
All deposits guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba