Serving YOU, your FAMILY, and your COMMUNITY

Sunrise Credit Union prides itself on developing relationships with members that are involved in the agricultural industry.


Sunrise Credit Union has been their financial institution of choice throughout the generations, providing accessible and full financial services. We pride ourselves on knowing our members, their family, their needs, and the agricultural community.

Peter McConnell Farm

"Having a supportive lender is good, especially for smaller businesses. Having someone that knows the ins and outs of your business makes a big difference. I would recommend being a member of Sunrise. Friendly, personal staff. They make banking easy."

         Peter McConnell, Cromer, Manitoba

Maple Lake Stock Farm (Gerry Bertholet)

"Sunrise Credit Union has been with us from the start. All the employees are from the area. They appreciate your success, and they know the hardships. To have a supportive lender is huge. They can advise you and guide you in the right direction. I would recommend Sunrise Credit Union. They have made a huge impact in our operation."

         Gerry Bertholet, Maple Lake Stock Farms, Hartney, Manitoba

Plough Boy Acres (Steve Ganczer)

"I started dealing with Sunrise Credit Union back in 2005 when I bought my very first piece of farmland. They gave me a terrific rate, even being a new farmer. It's essential to have a trusted lender because I need someone who has my back, understands my operation, and understands that it doesn't always go as planned on paper. I would recommend Sunrise Credit Union to any farm or business that's starting, expanding, or just if you're looking for a second opinion. I'm pretty sure you'll find out something about your business by talking to their very, very qualified lending staff. 

         Steve Ganczer, Plough Boy Acres, Valley River, Manitoba


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