INTERAC Flash® is a feature on your Member Card® debit card that allows you to hold your card up or “flash” it at the terminal to pay for your purchase. Your chequing or savings account is debited just like usual, only now, there’s no swiping, inserting or pinning required!

All new Sunrise Credit Union Member Cards include the Flash feature – look for the Interac Flash wave symbol on the top right of your card.


How does it work?

Your Member Card® works the same way it always has except now you have two ways to use your card:

  • Insert or swipe your card and enter your PIN, like usual, or
  • Flash your card and wait for a beep or an approved message. You’re done in a flash! 

Is it safe?

We’ve taken several precautions to provide you with convenience and safe access to your funds:

  • A single flash transaction can’t exceed $100.
  • The total of consecutive Flash transactions can’t be more than $200.
  • Once you’ve used the Flash options for $200 worth of consecutive purchases, you’ll be asked to insert your card into the chip reader and enter your PIN. This will validate you as the cardholder and your limits will reset. Then you’re ready to start using Flash again!
  • Interac Flash also uses EMV secure chip technology, which protects you from skimming, counterfeiting and other fraud and tactics like electronic pickpocketing.
  • And because you’re protected by the Interac Zero Liability Policy, you’ll be reimbursed 100% for all fraudulent transactions.

Where can I use Interac Flash?

Just look for the Interac Flash logo on the terminal or the Interac Flash logo displayed in store.

What if I lose my Member Card?

If your card is lost or stolen, contact us right away. Click here to download a brochure with all of the details.


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