Your Banking Statement is Changing

As part of the banking system integration, Sunrise Credit Union members will see a change in their banking statements. How they look, when they are received, and the information that appears on them will all differ beginning February 28, 2023.

When you receive your new statement, you'll notice that we've transitioned to 'Relational Statements.' The information presented on your statement is inclusive and personalized to you based on accounts in which you have an ownership role, including any joint accounts.

Example: Member Guy has two joint accounts with Member Girl and two single savings with only his name and his registered accounts. He is also a signor on the local hockey accounts. He will now receive a statement in only his name with his joint, single, and registered accounts all on one statement. Each account on this statement will show the owners of each account listed. The hockey accounts will only show on an individual statement for the hockey club. Member Girl will also receive her statement containing all her joint and individual accounts. 

Bank Statement Graphic

Statement Benefits

  • Each member will receive one monthly statement with a summary of all accounts they have an ownership role on, reducing the number of statements required for each account.
  • Our new statements are all on a month-end cycle, making reconciling monthly budgets and expenses easier.
  • Accounts previously charged for a printed statement will remain the same. The exception to this is if you had more than one primary statement account receiving two or more printed statements each month with two separate charges. As these will all be on one statement, only one charge will remain.
  • eStatements will be available within two days after the month's end. Printed and mailed statements will be mailed within five days after the month's end.

Please review your statement. If you notice any changes in your statement delivery or want to make changes, don't hesitate to contact your branch. We will be happy to assist you. Sunrise will reimburse additional statement print fees for the first 30 days following this change.