Locked In Retirement Fund Options

Locked In Retirement Funds

Have you received a Retirement Pension Plan Option statement and don’t know where to turn? 

We would be happy to review your pension package and assist with the paperwork to transfer you funds to one of our suitable retirement options.

    Product Type         
    Variable Deposits with a Floating Interest  Rate No minimum balance required. Interest Accrued daily and paid monthly.
    1-5 Year Fixed Rate Deposits Minimum deposit of $500.  Interest compounded annually

    Sunrise Credit Union currently offers:                         

    Manitoba LIRA                    

    Saskatchewan LIRA                      

    Alberta LIRA                     

    Ontario LIRA

    British Columbia LIRSP       

    Federal 1985 LIRSP                      

    Manitoba LIF

    Alberta LIF                         

    Federal LIF                                 

    Federal RLIF                             

    Manitoba Prescribed RIF      

    Saskatchewan Prescribed RIF



    To have a Sunrise representative contact you in regards to your investment options please complete and submit the information below.
    Thank you for your interest. A representative will contact you within one business day.

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