Term Deposits/GICs

A GIC will ensure your money is safe and is earning a reasonable rate of return. All deposits and interest are 100% guaranteed without limit through the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

Market-Linked GICs

Sunrise Credit Union Market-Linked GIC allows you to capitalize on equity markets with exposure to major companies across several business sectors, including financials, energy, technology and telecommunications. It offers the potential upside of the stock market with a 100% principal guarantee at maturity. 

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Key Benefits:

•    No management fees or commissions
•    100% participation rate. You receive the full gains of the market-linked GIC over the term up to a maximum rate
•    Principal completely guaranteed at maturity
•    Principal deposits are fully guaranteed by Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba


•    $5,000 minimum investment
•    Three-year or five-year terms are available
•    Gain paid as interest at maturity
•    Market-Linked Terms are non-redeemable until maturity
•    Deposits can be made ONLY during the sales period and prior to the contract issue date
•    The terms and conditions options will outline participation percentage of gain on investment and if there is a cap rate on the gain
•    Potential to earn higher returns linked to a set of stocks as outlined in the terms and conditions
•    In the event of death prior to maturity, zero gain will be received by the member or the estate administrator may ask to continue the investment until maturity

This investment might be ideal for you:

Market-Linked GICs fit investors who are seeking both security and returns that are higher than the more familiar secure investments (GICs, term savings). They offer a 100% capital guarantee and variable return.
•    It offers 100% principal protection
•    It offers exposure to the Canadian stock market
•    If you have an investment horizon of at least 3 years
•    If you don’t plan to withdraw your investment prior to maturity

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