INTERAC Flash® The fast and easy way to pay.

INTERAC Flash®, the contactless version of Interac® Debit, is the secure way to make everyday small purchases faster and more conveniently.


Briefly hold your Interac Flash-enabled debit card over the contactless payment terminal and your purchase is automatically paid for right from your account.


Interac Flash has a single-transaction limit of $100, and a total-spend limit set by your financial institution, which requires a PIN verification to confirm you are the rightful cardholder. For more information on how you're protected when you use Interac Flash, click here.


Myth #1 - Fraudsters can steal my card information right from my wallet.

Not true. Interac Flash uses EMV-based secure chip processing instead of magnetic stripe data processing. This protects Interac Flash against skimming, counterfeiting, and transaction replay types of fraud. The information on an Interac® Debit card cannot be unwrapped or duplicated to produce a counterfeit card or transaction. Basically, the information on your card is useless to a criminal.

Myth #2 - I might pay for something by standing too close to a merchant terminal with an Interac Flash-enabled debit card in my wallet.

Not true. Your card needs to be less than four centimetres away from the terminal and positioned at a particular angle in order to make a purchase.

Myth #3 - If my Interac Flash-enabled debit card is lost or stolen, my account could be emptied before I even realize it.

Not sure. Spending limits require the cardholder to enter their PIN once set limits are reached. Typical limits are $100 for single transactions and $200 cumulative limits. Consumers using Interac Flash are also covered by the Interac Zero Liabiliy Policy.


If your card is lost or stolen, contact your Sunrise Credit Union branch right away. You can also use the Lock'n'Block feature on our Mobile App to temporarily disabled your card.

How does my debit card work with mobile devices?

Square and other​ providers use Software-Based Pin on Cots (SPoC) for Mobile Point of Sale transactions. SPoC solution allows cardholders to enter their PIN using a merchant-owned mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet.


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