Retirement & Wealth Services

Sunrise Credit Union is privileged to have earned the trust of our members having served our members’ families for generations past through our legacy credit unions.  Sunrise staff continues to strengthen relationships built on trust and confidence by seeking to provide innovative products that meet our members’ individual and corporate requirements.

On a daily basis, our staff identify and address member needs, providing helpful financial products and services. As each product or service is added, another piece of that member’s financial puzzle gets put into place.  Opening a daily interest savings account, getting a residential mortgage and putting life and disability insurance on a vehicle loan are all examples of basic financial planning.  Those decisions result in both the creation and managing of your financial resources often referred to as wealth management.

Simply defined, “wealth management” is an integrated and coordinated approach to managing all of our members’ financial needs whether those needs are great or small, immediate or future.  

By actively listening to members and asking questions to help discern exactly what products and services are needed to help achieve financial goals, we are able to contribute to the wealth management plan of every Sunrise Credit Union member.

At times, personal circumstances require a more thorough analysis beyond the services, products and advice available within our branches.  For those members seeking advice for more advanced strategic, succession or transition planning and investments, Sunrise has aligned with a team of industry professionals, each of which brings a unique set of skills to the table.  Partnering with our wealth management team has been a huge success, providing Sunrise members access to financial planning, insurance and wealth management services.  Together, we build on a foundation of trust with the goal of serving our members for generations to come.

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