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Annual General Meeting Notice

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Sunrise Credit Union's Annual General Meeting will take place on
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 5:30 pm virtually via Zoom.

    Register to Attend the 2024 Annual General Meeting

      Registration Details

      • Only members, who have registered in advance of the AGM, will be provided a personalized Zoom Invitation (by email) to join the Virtual AGM.
      • Registration is to be completed through Sunrise Credit Union’s website which will be available from Monday March 25, 2024, through Sunday April 21, 2024.
      • The deadline for registration is Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 11:59 pm.
      • The Zoom invitation cannot be shared with anyone. Additional members wishing to attend the meeting are asked to complete the registration process. A personalized link will be forwarded to them individually.
      • Members are encouraged to download the Zoom app in advance of the actual meeting date.

      Following the completion of your registration, it will be submitted to us for approval. Once our team has validated your credit union membership,
      you will receive a personalized link to join the meeting on April 23, 2024.

      You are invited to Sunrise Credit Union's virtual Annual General Meeting!

      Please join us virtually in sharing our success of Building a Brighter Future together!

      We encourage members to review the reports and to forward any questions they may have to the Corporate Secretary –

      DATE Tuesday, April 23, 2024
      5:30 pm
      LOCATION Virtual (via Zoom)

      Why Attend?

      Who Can Attend the
      Annual General Meeting

      You deserve to stay informed about Sunrise Credit Unions performance,
      operations, and strategic direction.

      All members who registered before the deadline will be provided a personalized Zoom invitation by email to join the virtual AGM.

      Meeting Protocols

      How to Join the Meeting

      Meeting Structure

      • Ensure Zoom has been downloaded onto your device.
      • Members are encouraged to join up to 30 minutes (5:00 pm to 5:30 pm) before the meeting is called to order.
      • Attendees who have joined the meeting will be placed in a “Waiting Room” on mute until the meeting is called to order at 5:30 PM promptly.
      • The meeting will be hosted by a designated moderator.
      • During the meeting, attendees will be in a listen-only mode. This will eliminate any distractions. 
      • Slides will be presented during the meeting.
      • There will be no motions put forward from the floor.
      • Only eligible members can vote on motions presented during the meeting.
      • When a motion is put forth to be passed, a mover and seconder from the registration list will be selected in advance.
      • Motions will be tabled for the ‘call to vote’ through the poll feature within the Zoom event. All attendees will select, through the polling feature, whether they approve or are opposed.
      • The Moderator will display and announce the results immediately following the poll.

      Question Period

      • Members are welcome to raise any questions they may have in advance of the AGM.
      • Email questions to Corporate Secretary
      • In addition, there will be a Question-and-Answer period, prior to adjournment of the meeting, as noted on the Agenda. If you wish to ask a question, go to the Q&A feature:
        • Identify yourself by name and branch
        • Submit the question. The questions will be made visible to all participants.
        • The moderator will then direct this information to the Chair of the Board who will direct the question to the appropriate person. If multiple questions are the same, there will only be one answer provided in the response.
        • Any questions not addressed during the designated question period will be reviewed and answered after the meeting via email.