Student Loan

Students: ask us about revolving credit lines designed specifically to help you finance your post-secondary education

Unlike a traditional Manitoba student loan, where you borrow all the money up-front, the Sunrise Credit Union StudentLine is a revolving credit line designed specifically to assist students with financing their post-secondary education.

Students can use all or just a portion of the funds in their credit line at any time—and can reuse it as soon as the borrowed funds have been repaid. This makes it easier to manage your debt and can even help reduce your interest costs!

Highlights of the Student Loan Program include:

  • A maximum of $15,000 available per year
  • Interest rate: Sunrise Credit Union offers Students a highly competitive interest rate of Credit Union Prime while they are attending school as well as for six (6) months following graduation. While attending school, the interest must be paid monthly
  • Easy to repay: can take up to ten (10) years to repay after graduation and can be repaid at any time without penalty

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