Statistics Canada shows that 46% of all post-secondary graduates that earn a Bachelor’s degree owe a debt to the government or a financial institution at graduation, and 40% owe more than $25,000. The average debt owed is $29,000. As you might expect, these percentages increase for graduates who earn a Master’s or Doctorate.

Many college graduates face a tough decision early in their working lives. As young adults adapt to living independently, they must juggle their student loan payments and other financial obligations such as rent, food, and transportation.

Sunrise Credit Union’s StudentLine can help to reduce the debt load by the time of graduation. The flexible line of credit offered by Sunrise Credit Union not only allows a student-member to borrow what only they need, but it also allows for the ability to pay back a portion of their student debt throughout their post-secondary education. StudentLine can make it easier for students to manage their debt and can even help them reduce their interest costs.

StudentLine also offers a manageable repayment plan, with student-borrowers having the ability to take up to ten (10) years to repay after graduation and repay at any time without penalty.

Post-secondary education can be a stressful time for students without having to add financial stress to their burden. Whether you’re an undergrad, grad student, or a parent, Sunrise Credit Union’s StudentLine can help Lighten your Load on that burden during their education and beyond.

Highlights of Sunrise Credit Union StudentLine:

  • A maximum of $15,000 is annually available.
  • Sunrise Credit Union offers students a highly competitive interest rate of credit union prime while attending school and six (6) months following graduation.
  • While attending school, the student-borrower must pay the interest monthly.
  • Easy repayment. Take up to ten (10) years to repay after graduation and can be repaid at any time without penalty.
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