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You're preparing to take your place among the next generation of leaders, and we want to help you reach your education goals.

At Sunrise Credit Union, we know how important it is for our youth to have all the financial tools they need to succeed.

Education can help you succeed, and Sunrise Credit Union can help you get there. That's why Sunrise is proud to offer $24,000 in scholarships this year to help support students in our region.

It's expensive to go to school! Tuition, books, living expenses - education can be a significant investment. But it's an investment in your future, and we don't want the cost to stand in your way. That's why Sunrise Credit Union provides education grants to post-secondary students yearly.

Sunrise Scholarships are open to high school students committed to completing their studies, being involved in their community, demonstrating the seven co-operative principles, and continuing their education at a post-secondary institution. They are also open to students currently enrolled at Assiniboine Community College or Brandon University.

We are not currently accepting applications.
We will begin accepting applications again in Spring 2025.