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Our corporate social values

Sunrise Credit Union is part of the cooperative movement that works for the betterment of its members and communities.

Members are owners and, as such, we reinvest profits into the communities where they live, work and play.

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Leader in building a brighter future together.

Sunrise Credit Union’s commitment to Corporate Social Values is tied directly to our vision to be the leader in Building a Brighter Future Together. We are and always have been a social and environmentally conscientious company that gives back to our communities because that’s the Sunrise Way.

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It’s about growing.

The Sunrise Way focuses on the needs of our members, staff and communities. It’s about growing our social and environmental performance and our fiscal responsibility.

We believe Sunrise CU can make a real difference, and are continually reviewing our Corporate Social Values processes to align our activities with member and employee satisfaction.


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Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to making responsible decisions that will reduce our impact on the environment.


DocuSign is used frequently by Sunrise Credit Union. DocuSign is an electronic document signing system that reduces the number of paper documents we produce. While it's difficult to quantify the reduction in paper usage, we used Docusign approximately 7,000 times annually.

Paperless banking with e-statements continues to reduce the number of printed pages Sunrise Credit Union provides to its members. Approximately 40% of our members receive monthly printed statements in the mail, meaning roughly 27,000 fewer pages printed than all members receiving printed statements. In addition, approximately half of Sunrise's business members take advantage of the e-statement option, resulting in about 6,000 fewer pages printed. Overall, the printing of roughly 33,000 pieces of paper has been eliminated through the e-statement option every month.

Sunrise Credit Union completed the transition to a paperless environment with our ATMs in early 2021. The new ATMs allow for deposits without the use of envelopes and provide members with the option of printing a receipt for their transaction rather than it printing automatically. 

Sunrise Credit Union greatly expanded the usage of virtual meeting platforms during the pandemic. The virtual meetings allowed Sunrise to reduce its carbon emissions footprint through less vehicle usage, and there was a considerable reduction in mileage incurred over the year. 

Sunrise has been transitioning from fluorescent lights to LED lights throughout the branches. LED lights are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, are sturdier, and are recyclable. Also, LED lights generate almost no warmth and are cool to the touch, and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched. LEDs reduce the potential for safety dangers, such as burns and fires.


Paperless Banking


Virtual Meetings

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