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Sponsorship and Donations


Contributing to our communities.

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Our Sponsorships & Donations

Since 2008, Sunrise Credit Union has contributed more than two million dollars toward community donations, sponsorships and scholarships.

Branch fundraisers

Each of Sunrise Credit Union’s 20 branches holds at least one fundraising BBQ each year. Money raised from these BBQs gets donated to a worthwhile group, organization or cause in their community. Our branches generally raise more than $40,000 per year.

Gift-in-Kind Donations

Sunrise Credit Union donates prize packages used as giveaways at fundraising events. We typically donate merchandise and items worth more than $30,000 each year.

Cash Donations

Sunrise Credit Union supports worthwhile local groups, organizations or causes in our community through cash donations, with over $100,000 donated each year.


Since 2008, Sunrise Credit Union has offered over 150 scholarships exceeding $200,000 to students in our communities pursuing post-secondary education.


Since forming in 2008, Sunrise Credit Union has prioritized community groups, organizations, sports teams and events. Sunrise Credit Union’s contribution through sponsorships is around $125,000 annually.

Building Communities Grant Program

In the fall of 2023, Sunrise Credit Union introduced the Building Communities Grant Program, offering two annual application intake periods. The program supports worthwhile projects and organizations in local communities.

Become a Sponsor or Request a Donation

Sponsorship Guidelines 

Requests for donations or sponsorships should be made at least one month before the group or organization needs assistance. Requests are reviewed under the following guidelines:

  • Is the event going to attract new business to the community?
  • Will the event be held, or will the money be spent, in the region or local community? Is the project designed to reach a maximum number of people?
  • Does it provide economic value, improve quality of life, or contribute to the social well-being of the region?
  • Does the club or organization conduct or intend to conduct business with the credit union?
  • Are the current staff members actively involved in this club or organization?


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