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Flexible coverage for small income declines.

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Flexible coverage for small income declines.

Agri-Invest is an account for producers that replaced the coverage under the CAIS Program for margin loss of 15% or less. Participant deposits and matching Government contributions to AgriInvest accounts provide producers flexible coverage for small income declines as well as support for investments to mitigate risks or improve market income.


  • Withdrawals can be made at any time
  • Withdrawals from the producer contribution occur after the government and interest amount has been depleted
  • Producer deposits are not taxable when withdrawn
  • Government Contributions and Interest are considered investment income for tax purposes when withdrawn. AAFC will issue a tax slip
  • Deposits made at the Credit Union will receive matching government contributions up to the maximum amount outlined on the AgriInvest Deposit Notice
  • Only one deposit is allowed per AgriInvest Deposit Notice
  • Producers must present the Account Initiation Form to the credit union
  • Once a deposit is received and processed by the Credit Union the participant will receive a Deposit
  • Confirmation Notice from the government
  • You must farm as an Individual, Corporation, Cooperative, Status Indian or Trust
  • You must carry on the business of farming in Canada for the program year
  • You must report farming income/loss to CRA for tax purposes for the program year
  • Submit AgriInvest program forms to AAFC by the application deadline of Sep 30th for no penalty and by December 31st with a penalty
  • Deposits are fully guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba Interest
  • AgriInvest Plan 24 interest is accrued daily and paid monthly

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