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Agribusiness Equity Financing


Time to reap the benefits of your work.

Being a business owner often means having to plan and adjust, especially when the unexpected happens. So whether you want to do some renovations (and it takes a little longer than you thought) or you have unexpected bills to pay, being able to borrow can help cover the extra costs.

Equity Financing through Sunrise Credit Union is a financing solution specifically for producers and ag-sector businesses. With Equity Financing, you'll benefit from low-interest rates and the flexibility to borrow as you need, thanks to the equity you've built up with your mortgage.

How does Equity Financing work?


Equity financing can help business owners take advantage of their business' value to access cash easily and quickly.

Borrowing against your business' equity could be worth it if you use the loan for improvements or other projects that will increase your business' equity. You should also be confident you will make payments on time.


Advantages of equity lines of credit include:

  • easy access to available credit.
  • often lower interest rates than other types of credit (especially unsecured loans and credit cards).
  • you only pay interest on the amount you borrow.
  • you can pay back the money you borrow at any time without a prepayment penalty.
  • you can borrow as much as you want up to your available credit limit.
  • it’s flexible and can be set up to fit your borrowing needs.
  • you can consolidate your debts, often at a lower interest rate.

Get the right tools & advice.

We’ve been working with agribusinesses in your community for a while, so we get it. Our experts understand your industry, know what you’re going through, and are here to help.

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