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Agribusiness Loans


Made-in-Manitoba Ag Loans

We’re proud to offer a variety of agribusiness services tailored to the specific needs of producers and businesses in Southern Manitoba’s agricultural community.

Our agricultural lenders come from a farm background themselves. They understand and can discuss equipment loans, livestock loans, expansion mortgages, consolidation loans, and leasing. So come in and talk to us. We promise we'll be listening.

Agribusiness Loan Options

Agriculture Loans

Ultra-low rates on everything from land mortgages to equipment loans, and anything else you may need.

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Consolidation Loans

Reduce stress, save money, pay down debt faster and simplify your finances by consolidating or combining your debt into one loan.

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Canadian Agricultural Loan Act

Use these loans to establish, improve and develop farms, or process, distribute and market farming products.

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Loan & LOC Insurance

Life happens. Make sure your loan or line of credit payments are covered, no matter what.

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Equipment Lease Financing

Get the equipment you need for your agribusiness without the high upfront cost.

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